Why Prance Gold

Advantages for Client

  • Ultra Short-Term Investment Option (7 hours to 180 days)
  • Flexible Deposits and Profit Sharing Ratios
  • Open To All Levels Of Investor Experience
  • Risk Free & Attractive Returns
  • Fast & Secure

Advantages for Prance Gold

  • Increased trading volume for producing attractive company valuation
  • Increasing, predictable, scaling revenue with each new client
  • Database of active cryptocurrency users and holders

Advantage for Exchange Platforms

  • Higher Trading Volumes
  • Greater Trading Fees
  • Better Liquidity

How The Traditional Banking System Works

1. Client deposits cash with a financial institution.

2. Financial institution offers the client a small interest in return in the form of interest for the cash deposit.

3. The client is in fact giving a cash loan to the financial institution, who in turn invests the cash and gives back a small portion of the profits in the form of interest.

How Prance Gold Works

1. Client has excess cash on hand, or cryptocurrencies in their digital wallet.

2. Client deposits excess cash/cryptocurrencies with Prance Gold.

3. Prance Gold invests the excess cash/cryptocurrencies into our risk-free arbitrage trading system.

4. From the profits made using the trading system, Prance Gold offers to the client up to 30% in the form of profit sharing.

At Prance Gold, we offer investors an alternative to making their assets perform better

Low Barrier of entry

Invest as low as US$1,000 and earn up to 3 times a day.

Capital Guarantee

No contractual agreement, Complete financial freedom.
You’re in control.

Assets We Accept

Do you hold excess cash or cryptocurrencies?

Use a combination of them to kick start your account today!

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