Prance Gold Algorithm

The Expert in Arbitrage, Only Profitable Trades

Operates in 3 Biggest Exchanges

PGA currently operates on three of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world; Binance, Huobi and Bittrex. Prance Gold operates PGA across multiple accounts on each exchange. Future expansion to other exchanges is planned to ensure scalability of the investment opportunity. The trading and development team at Prance Gold constantly monitor PGA, the market and all communication/network environments constantly. There is always the goal of 100% uptime for PGA and the teams work tirelessly to ensure maximum uptime.

Excellence in Profit Making

PGA excels in two key areas that allow it to offer risk free trading to investors and clients. The first area of excellence is in the profit determination or evaluation phase. In a matter of milliseconds, PGA can test every possible combination of trading pairs (1000’s) and determine which, if any, represent a profit when traded against each other. By building a potential profitable trading path using triangular arbitrage strategies and calculating the expected profit before a trade is executed, PGA will only execute those trades which produce a profit (i.e., growth in the amount of BTC). It takes PGA less than a second to determine which trading pairs can be joined together in a trade to produce a profit.

Excellence in Execution Speed

The second area of excellence is the speed in which PGA executes the trades themselves. Once the profitable trading path has been determined, PGA will utilize it’s proprietary methodologies and execute the trade in whatever order it takes to complete the trade and produce a positive return. Unlike most BOTs, PGA is not constrained by logical order and can execute the trading pairs in whatever order is necessary. Again, this is done by utilizing it’s proprietary methodologies. The ability to quickly evaluate profit and then capture that profit within milliseconds, gives the investor the opportunity to see more profitable trades in each trading session. One copy of PGA running can produce upwards of 20,000 positive trades in a 24 hour period. And as mentioned before, multiple copies of PGA are running 24 hours a day on multiple crypto exchanges.

PGA is a state of the art, proven algorithm designed to produce consistent profits taking full advantage of the heightened volatility of the cryptocurrency landscape.


Operational 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Ultra Short-Term Trading Available

High Performance Python Algorithm that runs around the clock

PGA automatically places trades via API calls whenever adjusted profit (spread-transaction fee) is positive

Compatible with all major mainstream exchanges like Huobi

Collect data from wide variety of exchanges to identify and execute the best arbitrage combinations and opportunities

Prance Gold Live Trading Demonstration