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Soft launch of PGA in the Asia Pacific region

Feb 2020

Official Launch of PGA

May 2020

Opening of Asia Regional Office in Shenzhen, China

Jun 2020

Full evaluation and assessment for servers and global nodes

Jul 2020

Achieve USD 500 million target for funds under management

Aug 2020

Official opening of the Middle East Regional Office in UAE

Sep 2020

Top leaders retreat/meeting in Dubai

Sep 2020

Grand Opening of Prance Gold

Sep 2020

Prance Gold worldwide top leaders meeting

Oct 2020

Prance Gold Corporate Philanthropy Charity Program

Nov 2020

Achieve USD 1.1 billion target for funds under management

Dec 2020

Annual address from CEO and launch arbitrage trading for USD/AU (Gold)

Jan 2021

Launch of advance “Live” demo seminars to be held worldwide

Feb 2021

Prance Gold 1st year anniversary celebration event

May 2021

Launch of arbitrage trading for oil products

Jun 2021

Official opening of the Australian Regional Office in Australia

Aug 2021